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  1. guiltregret:

(via Faith No More: ‘Motherf**Ker’ Single Artwork Unveiled -

Yes please.
  2. I just fell into a YouTube rathole of Ben Folds videos and stumbled across this video of him improving a song with a youth orchestra in about 10 minutes. Really cool.

  3. Careless Whisper (covered) by Ben Folds & Rufus Wainwright

    I fell asleep in my chair yesterday while listening to iTunes and reading comics and woke up to this song. I don’t remember buying it, but man is it awesome.

    Rufus Wainwright has an amazing voice.

  4. Is the iOS Tumblr app sucking for anyone else?

    Ever since I updated to iOS 8 the Tumblr app takes forever to load photos (if it ever does load them). I’ve got the most up to date version of the app, too.

  5. ☛ Zach Braff to make new comedy TV series with Scrubs creator | Independent


    Braff said he and Bill Lawrence are developing a show with cable or Netflix in mind and that he’d like to star and direct.

    Literally swooned.

  6. jdude000:


    Remember how good The Office was? It got rough for a few seasons after Michael left, but the last season and finale in particular was really great.

    (via robkaas)

  7. GPOY in Boston

    GPOY in Boston

  8. philnoto:




    BLACK WIDOW #13 


    • Waitress:
      How do you want your burger cooked?

    • Me:
      On a grill.

    • Waitress:

    • Me:
      Oh god I'm sorry I don't know where that came from.

  9. Ali and I will have been together for 10 years next April.

    That’s crazy to think.

    Our first year and a half or so we did the long distance thing, we talked all day on instant message and ended every night with a phone call. Even if she was out or I was out we would call each other when we got home, even if it was just a quick “I love you, good night”.

    Over the course of the eight years since I’ve moved to Texas to be with her, there has maybe been a total of a month that we’ve spent apart due to business trips and what not. But every night we were apart, we ended it with a phone call.

    I’m in Houston for the night before heading to Boston for the week for a conference, and now we can FaceTime instead of call.

    Technology is awesome.

    Love you, babe. Good night.